The Quaker Disability Equality Group (QDEG) is a Quaker Recognised Body of Britain Yearly Meeting (opens in new window). We are working towards full inclusion of people with disabilities and carers in all aspects of Quaker life. We see this as part of the Quaker testimony to equality.

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Read about QDEG events during Yearly Meeting 2019, 24th  to 27th May at Friends House, on our Latest News page. 

News from the committee

We had a lively and interesting committee meeting on 24th October.  Starting with a report from our treasurer  Pam Brunt.   Please Friends consider asking your meeting if you could do an appeal for QDEG.   We can help with leaflets and information.

Later we were joined by Edwina Peart who is BYM’s Diversity and Inclusion officer appointed in June initially for one year.    A very interesting discussion followed about how she is going to assess inclusion and diversity within the Society of Friends.  We look forward to working more closely with Edwina over the coming months.

Our next topic was membership of QDEG.    We asked the question “Are we members or supporting Friends?”   What ever we call ourselves we need to tidy up our list.  As you will be aware the new privacy laws mean we need to ask everyone on our list if they wish to continue receiving occasional mailings about the work of QDEG.   Erica Thomas has taken over managing membership and will be contacting all Friends on our list to enquire if you wish to continue receive information from QDEG.   Please help by replying promptly to Erica.

If you would like any further information  please get in touch.

In friendship, Liz

Celebrating 10 years of QDEG


If you have any difficulty using this website site we would be pleased to hear from you.  We will do our best to make changes to help you if we can.


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QDEG started in 2008 in response to a concern of West Scotland Area Meeting, which arose in turn from pioneering work in the 1990s and several Woodbrooke gatherings.

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