Personal Stories

This section of our website contains personal stories, good or bad experiences of participation from disabled Friends, or experiences connected to Quaker events or organisations.

These stories are the personal experiences of the authors, and are not intended as general advice or guides. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors. They may be useful, however, for anyone who wishes to improve their understanding of the barriers faced by disabled people, and things that have worked to help remove those barriers – as well as things that didn’t. 

Some of the stories are about some particular events, such as a particular problem with a Meeting House. Others are about an individual’s whole experience as a disabled Quaker over many years. All of them are the words of the person in question, though they may have been edited (with the author’s consent) to preserve anonymity, or for length or content.

Photo of Shelagh Robinson

Shelagh Robinson recently gave a talk about dementia to members of the Houses of Lords and Commons.  Read the text of her speech here: Shelagh’s Alzheimer’s talk


Photo of Bob Pickup

Bob Pickup has written about his personal story of living with dyslexia .  You can read it here: Bob’s story – dyslexia