Workshops and events

Among our membership are many Friends who can offer service to QDEG in many ways.   QDEG members are invited to contribute details of any workshops or events.

Any workshops and events listed below are from individual members of QDEG.  If you are interested in pursuing any of them, please contact the individual concerned for further details.

QDEG is happy to give publicity to these offers but cannot take any responsibility for arrangements or content of the offer.


‘Doing Quaker Theology’

The theme of this Woodbrooke course is identity – including, among other aspects, ability and disability.  Friday 26 May 2017 – Sunday 28 May 2017 

The aim is to create a bridge between Quaker thought and academic theology. Our theme asks: how does your identity – as a person with gender, sexuality, class, race, (dis)ability – affect your understanding of God? How can feminist and other liberation theologies enhance our relationship with the Mystery?  

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I have Aspergers and I am a social worker and trainer. I have significant experience working with disabled people and delivering training related to disability issues. I have a post graduate certificate in the Applied Psychology of Intellectual Disability which focuses on empowering people with disabilities. My area of expertise is Autism and I could offer workshops on raising awareness of autism and creating more inclusive environments.

Please contact me if you want more information.  Contact details:

Terry Armsby                                                                         Posted 31/01/16