The Quaker Disability Equality Group (QDEG) is a Quaker Recognised Body of Britain Yearly Meeting (opens in new window). We are working towards full inclusion of people with disabilities and carers in all aspects of Quaker life. We see this as part of the Quaker testimony to equality.

We are engaged with other organisations to:

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The Quaker Disability Equality Group (QDEG) upholds all Friends (and others) everywhere, who are concerned for their health and well being at this time, especially as the pandemic appears to disproportionately affect people with pre-existing conditions.

We know that many disabled people are finding it a distressing time.  Family members, neighbours and friends are also concerned that a personal visit may not be helpful to those with additional health needs. A chat on the phone (old style or mobile) email, WhatsApp or Skype may offer a happy window of communication keep happiness warm and flag up any urgent support needs

We ask all Meetings to reach out to those Friends who are prevented from attending Meeting for Worship and offer whatever support and assistance they can.

We know that some Area and Local Meetings are arranging to hold online Meetings for Worship via Zoom or other applications, but where that is not possible, we suggest that the Woodbrooke online Meetings for Worship may provide an alternative.  The link may be found at: https://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/about/online-mfw/?fbclid=IwAR3mw5S8PLQkc–Ap0nrjap8FZuybTRNla7G-SPlH7LwoNJTdFnTP1ypVzs


If you have any difficulty using this website site we would be pleased to hear from you.  We will do our best to make changes to help you if we can.

Our history:

QDEG started in 2008 in response to a concern of West Scotland Area Meeting, which arose in turn from pioneering work in the 1990s and several Woodbrooke gatherings.

Our constitution:

QDEG Constitution

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