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QDEG at Woodbrooke

QDEG at Woodbrooke (posted 17th December 2015)   Bob 2


Several members of QDEG attended the recent development weekend for Woodbrooke associate tutors. The weekend focussed on making Woodbrooke’s learning accessible to all. We were delighted that the main plenary session was about a taking personalised approach to inclusion. This was followed by a choice of workshops, two of which were led by QDEG where we used scenarios to explore ways to plan an inclusive programme which can be flexible on the day.




The QDEG committee met at Lancaster Meeting House on 4th November 2015


We continue to work on our website developing the news pages, committee profiles and improving the graphics   We agree to develop a personal stories page sharing personal narratives of being a Quaker with a disability

AGM May 2016

We are planning our AGM which will be during Yearly Meeting 27 – 30 May 2016   We have asked for a room for the AGM on either Saturday or Sunday at 12 30 and a stall at the Groups Fair on Sunday evening

When we get confirmation of the rooms available we will be in touch with the details


Following our correspondence with Woodbrooke we heard that they are working on making other versions of their brochure available.  They have used our feedback to improve the access request section of their standard booking form

Some QDEG members have contributed to Woodbrooke’s survey about their online learning courses

The associate tutor development weekend from 11 – 13 December will include a focus on    “Accessibility for All”     Two of our committee members will be running 2 workshops on Access and Inclusion on the Saturday afternoon    We are pleased that associate tutors are encouraged and equipped to consider inclusivity in the planning and development of All courses






News from your committee October 2015

Over the past year …

We responded to the BYM Long Term Framework consultation for 2015-2020 by focusing on the need to make the testimony to equality a reality in the life and work of the Society.  Read our response here: QDEG’s response to ‘The Way Ahead’

Two of our committee members are also on the BYM pastoral care group and helped to advise on accessibility issues for Friends attending Yearly Meeting at the newly refurbished Friends House in London in May 2015. They are already involved in preparations for the Yearly Meeting Gathering to be held in Warwick 2017.

We met with Sandra Berry and Staff at Woodbrooke to discuss making the courses and facilities more accessible. Woodbrooke are committed to improving access for all as far as possible within the limitations of older buildings and allowing for differing needs.

We are continuing to develop our website and welcome suggestions for articles on disability issues which are particularly relevant to Quakers.

We are working on guidelines for including Friends with sensory impairment.

We will hold our AGM at Yearly Meeting 2016.   Put the date in your diary.   It is a good opportunity to meet other interested Friends and hear about our work

Further details will be posted on our website when they are available.

Liz Anderton and Jackie Fowler, co-clerks





News – December 2014

Disability Welfare Reform – Psychological Firewalls

This excellent new article by Nuala Watt has been added to our resources page. It is well worth a read and may be useful for campaigners and those who want to express their own situations more clearly.

News from your committee December 2014

We hope you will be interested to hear about some of the things that your committee is working on at the moment:

  • Work is in progress to improve the design of our website.
  • We hope to contribute advice and suggestions to make the planned Directory of BYM services for local meetings as accessible as possible.
  • We are thinking about how to make best use of the skills and experience of members who would like to contribute to the work of QDEG.
  • In January we are holding a special committee meeting to discuss the Long Term Framework. We will be sending a response from QDEG to the Meeting for Sufferings Consultation on the BYM Long-term Framework for 2015-2020.

In friendship,

Liz Anderton, co-clerk