News – December 2014

Disability Welfare Reform – Psychological Firewalls

This excellent new article by Nuala Watt has been added to our resources page. It is well worth a read and may be useful for campaigners and those who want to express their own situations more clearly.

News from your committee December 2014

We hope you will be interested to hear about some of the things that your committee is working on at the moment:

  • Work is in progress to improve the design of our website.
  • We hope to contribute advice and suggestions to make the planned Directory of BYM services for local meetings as accessible as possible.
  • We are thinking about how to make best use of the skills and experience of members who would like to contribute to the work of QDEG.
  • In January we are holding a special committee meeting to discuss the Long Term Framework. We will be sending a response from QDEG to the Meeting for Sufferings Consultation on the BYM Long-term Framework for 2015-2020.

In friendship,

Liz Anderton, co-clerk