Quaker Disability Equality Group 2017 AGM and open meeting to be held during Yearly Meeting Gathering

Our AGM will be followed by a talk by Melanie Jameson. Melanie is Chair of the Dyslexia Adult Network, sits on the Westminster Commission on Recruitment and Dyslexia/ND and has long worked for ‘Learning Difficulties’ to be taken into account throughout the criminal justice system. She is increasingly finding the need to link with other disability groups in order to make our joint voice louder and finds that the Quaker testimony to equality and our long history of criminal justice reform underpins her work.

Melanie will talk about ‘Difference’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Disability’, ‘Impairment’, ‘Equality’: terms that are now used in self-advocacy groups, support networks and by government. Terminology and language are important but substance even more so.

How will the government’s Improving Lives agenda advance our causes?

Is government still aiming to ‘Halve the Disability Employment Gap’?

What changes are taking place at grass roots level?

We hope to explore some of these issues in this session.

Day: Thursday, 3rd August

Time: 14:30 – 15:50

Venue: Warwick University, Humanities Building, Room 1.48