Accessible Language  (Minute 10/08 of Young Friends General Meeting, sent to Meeting for Sufferings).

Accessible Text  Advice from Melanie Jameson, a dyslexia consultant

Asperger’s Syndrome  ‘Do I Know You?” by Chrissie Bligh

Audio booklist

‘Difference’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Disability’, ‘Impairment’, ‘Equality’  Melanie Jamesons’ talk at our 2017 AGM.  Melanie is Chair of the Dyslexia Adult Network, sits on the Westminster Commission on Recruitment and Dyslexia/ND and has long worked for ‘Learning Difficulties’ to be taken into account throughout the criminal justice system. She is increasingly finding the need to link with other disability groups in order to make our joint voice louder and finds that the Quaker testimony to equality and our long history of criminal justice reform underpins her work.

Disability Welfare Reform – Psychological Firewalls  by Nuala Watt

Dyslexia Psychological issues-A Sense of Self

E-mail Guidelines

Hints and tips – prepared by the Scottish Churches’ Disability Group (opens in a new window)

Meeting for Worship Variations that may help include disabled Friends by Julia Smith

Queries and Advices for the inclusion of disabled Friends

This List of useful resources (organisations, websites etc) has been prepared for us by Helen Cherry.

Scribing in Meeting for Worship by Pam Brunt

QDEG stillness and silence suggestions (Word) Collection of ideas from lived experience.

QDEG stillness and silence suggestions (pdf) Collection of ideas from lived experience.

Ten dos and don’ts  by Hilary Davies

Video on disability discrimination in the workplace (opens in a new window). Light-hearted style but serious content.        Author: Disability Rights Commission

Access to Woodbrooke library  Nearly 200 titles in the audio-visual section of the Woodbrooke library now have braille labels.  A list of the titles has been recorded on to a USB with a short synopsis of content.  (Black type version: Access to Woodbrooke library Black )

Approaches to Quaker Worship  Some different approaches that may help include disabled Friends.  A report from a participant at a Woodbrooke course.


Below is a collection of other related links. All links on this page open in a new window.

Main website for Quakers in Britain

Talking Friends; Providers of Quaker literature in audio formats

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

Oxford Anglican Autism Guidelines

Autism from a woman’s perspective

Dos and don’ts on designing for accessibility on the site.  Posters can be downloaded.

Accessible Information Standard (AIS) Information on the NHS England website.

Be My Eyes

Promoting positive mental health in the workplace (ACAS publication)