Yearly Meeting Gathering at Warwick University, 29 July to 5 August 2017

QDEG members look forward to meeting up at Warwick.

We will be holding our AGM as part of one of the afternoon sessions – date to be confirmed.

Helen Cherry has been appointed as the Accessibility Officer for the Gathering. Do e-mail Helen (triggers link to e-mail) if you have any queries about access issues.

You can find some information about access on the Gathering web page: (opens in a new window/tab).

If you request a mobility scooter you will be asked to provide a couple of other bits of information:

  • Your weight. Whilst we appreciate this is a personal question it is a safety requirement to ensure the best scooter is allocated.
  • Have used any mobility scooters in past. This is to gauge familiarity in use e.g. first time user or more advanced. Again this is a safety matter to best meet your needs when organising safe use of scooter.

The campus is fairly flat. The Warwick University Campus Map 2107 (opens in a new window/tab) shows the estimated times/distances from the buildings we are using to Warwick Arts Centre, the main meeting venue and may help you to decide if you a need mobility scooter.

It is hoped to schedule a pick up drop off service using golf buggies or a mini bus. This is in discussion with the university and has NOT been confirmed. If it is something that you would use if available, please e-mail Helen (triggers link to e-mail).

Helen Cherry at: